Hello and welcome to my website, My name is Frank Saliki and i believe that we were all born to win. My misson in life is to help as many people as i can to see the oppoortunities that they have in life. I believe that in life there are winners and there are those who have not learnt how to win yet. For most of my life i was a wondering generality until i realised that i could change my life. You can change your life by changing one small thing everyday. If you open your eyes to the possiblities around you, you will Arsie and Shine!

About Frank

University Graduate



Motivational Speaker

Born in a little town called luanshya in Northern Zambia, Frank always struggled with life. He found it really hard to get on with other young people. When he was 15 Years old his family relocated to Newport, South Wales in the United Kingdom. This is where Frank’s real struggles begun. However the day he failed his exams the quest to change his life begun, the day he failed his exam he made a decision to go to university. After watching all his class mates’ celebrate fantastic result Frank decided he was going to experience the same joy his class mates enjoyed and the journey to Arise and Shine Begun.


Frank is now an Author, Local Radio Broadcaster and Motivational speaker who believes that any person or business can succeed if they  use the correct Strategies. Frank is the author of Rise and Shine: From High School Failure to University Graduate in Six Years.

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Stop talking about it and do something about it

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