Frank is an Author, Local Radio Broadcaster and Motivational speaker who believes that any person or business can succeed if they  use the correct Strategies.

After failing his high school exams Frank decided he was going to change his life and a dream to go to University was born. despite  suffering from depression through most of his University years Frank Managed to graduate from University. Changing his strategies changed his life  from a high school failure to A University Graduate in six years. A lot of people and businesses want to change their current situation but they are not developing because they are not using the right strategies for them to succeed. Frank will take you on a step by step guide on Leading people, doing something you are afraid of doing and finding strategies that you may not have thought of.  In 2007 Frank was a high school failure but ten year own he become a published author.

Frank has since become a champion of change through his motivational speaking in schools, community centers and on Gloucester community radio where he is a regular presenter. Frank was able to turn his life around from a high school failure to a university graduate in six years by changing his strategy and by massive action. Frank believes that every person can change their life by finding a winning strategy and taking massive action. On 23rd August 2017 ten years to the day he failed his exams, Frank published his first book Arise and shine detailing his journey from a high school failure to a university graduate. Franks Motto is Massive action = Massive Results.

Frank is full time Bank Staff Coordinator in the Human Resources Department at Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust, he chose this job because of his love and passion for the National Health service Beyond work and his achievements as a writer, Frank is also a keen public speaker and a member of the Gloucester Speakers Toastmasters club, which meets twice a month and helps to develop speaking and leadership skills. He is passionate about motivational speaking and last year took 1st place in the club and area-levels, and 3rd place in the division-level of the Toastmasters International Speech contest, speaking on the subject of domestic violence

You can change your life and your business by looking at them from a different angle, Frank did this ten years ago and today he is an author of a book called Arise and Shine.

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