One day you will run out of time

It is Monday and let’s be honest how many of us like Mondays? A lot of people wake up every morning and say I cannot believe that I have to do this all over again! As you travel to work you can see that the excitement that a lot of people had on Friday has long been replaced by a feeling of dreed as people travel far near to go to the jobs that will pay their bills. A few years ago, I met a man who dreamt to do a lot of things in his life, he got the same train as me when I commutated to the city of Bristol for work. He always spoke about the things he was going to do when the time was right, in the year I spoke to him things were never just perfect to get started and he always spoke about having enough time in his life to do what he wanted. A year later I met another man who I remember was always on the train with me and we spoke and he said by the way do you know Harry passed away three months ago? That day I went home thinking about what his life could have been, what he could have done if only he realised that he did not have long left live?

Are you leading your life like you have a million years to live? A lot of people are doing this everyday, putting on hold the life that they desire and doing jobs that do not bring thrum fulfilment. What would our lives look like if we had a clock ticking to show us the seconds and hours we are losing? We do have this clock it is just that it does tick loudly but it keeps moving regardless. So many people go through life without ever realising what their life could have been, what jobs they could have done and how happy they could have been if only they answered the call to their life. Today as you begin your work I encouraged to reflect on the life that you want and understand that one day you will run out of time.

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