Using Time to Build a better Tomorrow

Over the last few months I have been involved with a group of people talking about different topics on Zambia’s political landscape. I am passionate about my Country of birth and I wanted to contribute. I got involved just before the Zambian Elections last August. I took a couple months break after the birth of my son. A few days ago after a very long presentation and having a chat with the rest of the crew after the broadcast I walked to my sofa which was going to be my bed for the night as I did not want to disturb my family. As I lay on my sofa I suddenly found myself asking this question “ So Frank, what have you gained from that three hours?” I looked around the room, I looked at the time and it was nearly 1am and I was going to be up at 6am that morning to go to work and as I lay on the sofa I was filled with a feeling of regret, I could have learnt something meaningful in that three hours. I had to come to the fact that the actions of the previous three hours had not helped build a better tomorrow. I was simply on the programme because I enjoyed spending time with people and the compliments that I was receiving but It was not helping me build a better tomorrow. As I put my head down I was left feeling that I had spent a lot of time on something but had not really contributed a lot to my future.

It is easy to go through life without realising that you are throwing time away, especially if you are enjoying what you are doing. So many people never come to this realisation until it is too late. Always ask yourself what you will get tomorrow because of the actions that you are taking today. Everything we will get in the future is as result of the actions that you are taking today. We can compare the way we use time like putting bricks on the house you are building, every time we take actions we are putting a brick on our desired house. It is important we ask ourselves each and everyday, are the things I have done today helping me build a better tomorrow?

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