Lead The Whole Team

A few years ago a friend of mine who leads a team of eight was telling me about the best people he has in his team. He talked about these three people who work very hard and he told me that if needed anything done he knew that these three people will get it done. He went on to tell me that he doesn’t know what he would do if he did not have these three people. My grandfather always told me that if your team is not doing well as a leader you must first ask yourself what you are doing wrong. I asked my friend if he has sent the five members of his team on the training that his best performers have been on, he said no, I then asked him if he thinks he has given the five members of his team the chance to show…read more >

Surround yourself with people who lift you up

A lot of people laughed at me when I set a goal to go to University Just after failing my high school exams. The class I was in after failing my exams was filled with all the people who had not done well in their exams so as you can imagine having a goal like mine made me a laughing stock in our class. I tried to spend a bit time with people who had done well in their exams so that I can learn from them but all they did was ridicule me, Very quickly I realised that if I was going to turn my life around I had to do it on my own until I found people who were on my side. So for the rest of that year soldered on my own, had lunch on my own, went to school on my own, I studied on…read more >

Achieved your goal but still not Happy? Here is why

After finding out that I had failed my high school exams I set a goal to go to University. I thought that if I made it to university and graduated I would be very happy. The road to University was very difficult and the road to the graduation stage was even more difficult. I remember the day I found out that I had made to university; I was so overjoyed for like a day or two but very quickly that joy disappeared and I went back to feeling like I was not ready for the next challenge, I went through university with terrible anxiety and depression but the thought that I was going to be happy when get to the end of the journey kept me going. However, when the day of graduation arrived I felt absolutely nothing, everyone in my house was up and ready long before I even…read more >

When one door closes a new door will not open until you open it

It was October 2015 and I had just walked out of the job not knowing what the future held for me. I had just endured a miserable five weeks in my new job so I made a decision to walk out of the job. I had a mortgage to pay and a wedding to plan for so there was no time to feel sorry for myself. I knew I had to find a new job fairly quickly. I got into my house, printed my CV off and I was on the train to Bristol to a recruitment agency I had used a year earlier. I was sure they would be able to find me something on a temporary basis fairly quickly. I filled in all the forms that needed filling and a day later I had a call to go for an interview and a couple weeks later I was…read more >

Learning to be confident

Self-confidence is one thing I always struggled with as far as I can remember, having been picked on by my year one teacher and everyone in my class, self-confidence was to elude me for the next 18 years. A lot of people who have known me for years did not even realise that the simplest thing scared me, meeting knew people was one of the most scary thing for me because I always used to think people were always judging me. When I was in my third year of University, I realised that if I was to get the things I want in my life I had to become confident. I looked at the things that gave me real confidence, I realised that I was confident atsinging because I had been practicing everyday so i decided to do one new thing everyday that would give more confident. A few years…read more >

You will only get it right once you know how to do it right

It was January 2016, I had just started my third job in the space three months, a few months earlier I left a job that I did well in in order to work near home but the move did not work out. In September of the previous year I started a new job which was 10 minutes’ walk from my house which was ideal because my previous job was a 50 minute train journey plus a 20 minute walk to work. On the first Monday on September I reported to my new manager’s office and I just had this feeling that this was not going to work out. The weeks that followed were the worst weeks anyone can experience in work and after five weeks I made a decision to leave because my confidence was been eaten away everyday. I managed to get myself a temporary job almost immediately through…read more >

The truth is incontrovertible

I had lunch with my mum a couple hours ago, my mum lives a couple hundred miles from me so it is always a delight to see her. I asked her to meet me at a local super market which is near my office for lunch. A couple hours later I was sitting for lunch with mum catching up on everything that has been going own. Very quickly the conversation turned serious, she was not happy that I was not doing something that I was meant to be doing, I quickly tried to defend myself, I told her how busy I was doing my day job and trying to build my coaching business from scratch, Mum did not even look at me as I went through my reasons, she waited for me to finish what I was saying and she just said “Excuses will not take you anywhere, the truth…read more >

Stay Focused

I have spent this morning writing my second book “Finding your Voice” After five hours of writing I went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and I discovered that we were out of milk. I went to the local shop which is just around the corner from our house. Whenever I go there I always make a point to say hello the security person on duty and I did the same this afternoon but I did not get a response because the security person on duty was on their phone, Yes ladies and gentlemen the person who was meant to be looking out for people shoplifting was on their phone. I spent about five minutes in the shop and for the whole time I was there I was looking at the security person on duty to see if they come off their phone at any point and…read more >

Too busy to make progress

A few years ago I was working in a very busy outpatients department and the one thing I remember is that I did not have a day were I was clock watching because it was just very busy. I would arrive at reception at 8:30am and before I even turned my computer on I had doctors asking me for all kind of printed lists and before long the patients were queuing up and the day of dealing with query after query and complaint after complaint began. I felt like I did not have enough time to do all I need to do so I went in on weekends on my time to finish off some of the work that was not done in the week. I worked all the hours under the sun but I always felt like I was not making any progress in the job, in myself and…read more >

What you focus on will determine your success in life

My grandfather always used to tell us to focus on the positive out of every situation in life; I can remember him telling my order cousins that no matter how bad things may seem to be there is always going to be a positive thing in it. He always used to back up his theory with a little story which went like this. There once was man who worked for a shoe making company, he was sent to another country to see if the company should sell shoes in that country. When he came back a month later he told his company that there was no point trying to sell shoes in that country because people in that country did not wear shoes. His boo decided to send another one of his employees to go to that country and a week later he come back and he told his boss…read more >