I knew that EDI was a long way off when I failed to succeed in the eye department because of my visual impairment.

Over the last few years the EDI conversation has really heated up, a lot more organisations are talking about EDI and EDI leads have been appointed in a lot of organisations. A lot of people will argue that this is step forward and on paper it is a step forward. However, I am still not excited by this development for a number of reasons, first of all let me take you a step back on my own journey. Over a year ago I started working in the eye department, this was like a dream for me because I have an eye condition called Nystagmus, I had a just left a job because I struggle due to the fact that my line manager did not manage my eye condition so going to work in an eye department was like dream. However very quickly I started to struggle and after seven months…read more >

The Biggest Human Tragedy

At the end of last month my wife and I welcomed a little boy in the world. it was the most amazing moments of my life. I can still remember how wonderful I felt as I held this little bundle of joy in my arms for the first time. However, this feeling was quickly over shadowed by a feeling of responsibility, I was now responsible for a life, the way I will bring this little boy will have an impact on their future. My life was changed in what seemed to be in a twinkling of an eye. My responsible now was to build a foundation towards a great future. This in turn brought up something else to my mind, my own dreams and aspirations cane to the fore front. I started asking myself if I was doing everything I can do to create the things that I want in…read more >

Trust the process

This week I am looking at chapter 7 of my book Arise Shine which I tilted Faith. A lot of times when we are working on our goals we expect to get the results we want if we do what needs to be done but sometimes life does not always work out this way. In 2007 I had set a goal to go university, this goal was so important to me because it was going to give me a chance for a better future. However, I discovered that things are not always going to work out the way I thought they would. The job market was difficult and I only managed to get an interview after putting in more three hundred job applications. Some of the jobs I did in my early days did not work out, I have been forced out of some jobs because of my skin colour…read more >

Change the Culture and you will create Equality and Diversity.

It has been over 10 years since the equality and diversity act of 2010 was introduced and we have not seen a great deal of improvement as was anticipated. There have been some improvements but even though a lot of organisations are happy with the improvement that has been made, progress has been very slow. For a lot of organisation equality and diversity is at the back of their priorities, it is something that is looked at now and again but not in great details. Government institutions are required to have mandatory training of which equality and diversity is one. Whilst this is good idea the emphasis of equality and diversity has been lost because managers are only concerned with the staff being up to date with their mandatory training and not whether they have learnt from the training. The words equality and diversity have become synonymous with mandatory training…read more >

Stop fighting other people and start fighting for your dream

The first two jobs I had after graduating from university taught me that if I wanted to succeed then I had to ensure that my work colleagues do not beat me. This is where the journey of fighting other people began, I did this for the next seven years. I believed that if I wanted to be successful I had to be better than everyone around me so as you can imagine I did not make a very good team player. In one of my jobs I gained a lot of respect from senior management so much so that the chief executive of the organisation would even respond to my emails but I still felt the need to fight people who were at the same level as I was. I found that there was this culture of fighting your corner and wherever I went I found myself fighting my corner.…read more >

The road to success is not always going to easy but it will be worth it

There is always a buzz of excitement at the beginning of every new journey because we anticipate so much from it. We think of all the good new skills we are going to learn and we think of how wonderful the people are going to be. These are all the feelings I had when I left a job I had done for nearly four years last November. I was really looking forward to a new challenge because changing jobs for me is very big deal because of my eye condition. I like things to stay the same but I realised that if I wanted my life to change I had to do something that is new to me so I made a leap of faith and changed jobs. I was really looking forward to what the new job was going to give me, I had stepped away from our head…read more >

Stop talking about it and do something about it

It was my first day of working in a city called Bristol and as I don’t drive i was going to have to make my journey to work on train. I was just getting into personal development. I did not know what areas to go into but the journeys to and from Bristol gave me a great insight on human behaviour. The one experience that stands out to me was one of the man who did not like his job and he always talked about all the other things that he wanted to do instead of the job he was doing. He would talk about his desired goal everyday but it soon became clear that he was never going to change his situation because all he did was talk about his desired destination. A year and half later I left my job in Bristol and a year after that I…read more >

If everything around you is changing, why are you not changing?

I am sure we could not have imagined 2020 could have turned out the way it has, this was the year that was going to change our lives. A new year, a new decade which was going to change our lives but can you see how things have turned out now! Our plans for the year have totally been destroyed and we really want the year that started so well to come to an end and for things to go back to normal. The truth is that things will never go back to the way we knew them, you see now and again something happens that changes everything and things are never the same and our job is to adjust to the new normal. I remember growing up in a small mining town in Luanshya northern Zambia and when the mine closed people had to adjust and do things they…read more >

Pick your friends wisely

The one thing I was not good at when growing up was picking friends and this was because I was bullied throughout my childhood and I just felt lucky whenever I had a friend. This resulted in me becoming friends with people just because they spoke to me. When I moved to the UK I struggled to have friends to the point that I had no friends outside school. One day I was walking in the park near my house and I saw a group of people playing basketball and they invited me to play, after playing I asked for their numbers because I wanted to make friends, they all refused to give me their numbers and they told me that I should just meet them at the court for a game of basketball. I went back to the park the next few days to see if they were there…read more >

Learn, keep learning and then relearn everything all over again

When I was around 9 or 10 years old I had a friend who I used play rugby with, he was a very good rugby player, he was faster than me, he was a lot quicker and generally a better rugby player than I was. However some of the rules in the game of rugby are always changing but my friend did not care about the rules he just wanted to play rugby, but at the same time he wanted to hold on to the old rules. This resulted in a lot of arguments with him; he always used to say everyone was wrong. I remember one particular occasion very well, it took us over half an hour to start a game because we were trying to convince him that the rules had changed and he was not having it and in the end we played on with him operating…read more >