The Biggest Human Tragedy

At the end of last month my wife and I welcomed a little boy in the world. it was the most amazing moments of my life. I can still remember how wonderful I felt as I held this little bundle of joy in my arms for the first time. However, this feeling was quickly over shadowed by a feeling of responsibility, I was now responsible for a life, the way I will bring this little boy will have an impact on their future. My life was changed in what seemed to be in a twinkling of an eye. My responsible now was to build a foundation towards a great future. This in turn brought up something else to my mind, my own dreams and aspirations cane to the fore front. I started asking myself if I was doing everything I can do to create the things that I want in my life. It was like I was looking at my own short comings, I was looking at times I should have focused on the big picture but I focused on getting quick wins. This is a reason why Frank Saliki the motivational speaker is only know by a few people and not thousands and thousands, I was now looking at my life at what it could have been by now if I had focused on my dreams and aspirations. If I was to die today I would take all the greatness to the grace with me, the biggest tragedy would be that I would not have lived life on my terms. As I looked at this tiny little human in my arms I knew that I had to go up five gears and be an example to him, I don’t want to be one of life’s tragedies but at the rate I was going I was heading that way and it was time to become an example to my boy

There are a lot of people who could be doing great things to do but they are not simple because they are doing some of the things that I have been doing over the last few years. They work on their dreams but they also major in minor things at the saMe time. I want to become a serous motivational speaker who would change other people’s lives but I also wanted to be the guy that everyone in the office likes and most of the days I focused on being liked instead of building the future that I wanted. The biggest human tragedy is that so many people never do the things that they could be doing because they are focusing on being liked by the colleagues and before they know it they are behind on their dreams. I have lived most of my life trying to fit and from the day I held my baby boy in my hand I am focused in creating for the future. You walking around with a big full of greatness, use what is in the bag.


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