Trust the process

This week I am looking at chapter 7 of my book Arise Shine which I tilted Faith. A lot of times when we are working on our goals we expect to get the results we want if we do what needs to be done but sometimes life does not always work out this way. In 2007 I had set a goal to go university, this goal was so important to me because it was going to give me a chance for a better future. However, I discovered that things are not always going to work out the way I thought they would. The job market was difficult and I only managed to get an interview after putting in more three hundred job applications. Some of the jobs I did in my early days did not work out, I have been forced out of some jobs because of my skin colour and my disability. I still remember the day I discovered that my disability might get in the way of me making the progress. The period between September 2015 and December 2015 was a particularly difficult period on my journey because everything that I had worked for was falling apart. Every door I knocked shut in in my face and by end of 2015 the excitement I had when leaving university had long been lost and I was a broken young man. The one thing that kept me going was the knowledge this was all part of the process of becoming what I needed to become if I was to become a motivational speaker.

We all have plans but too many people give up their goals when they realise that things are not always going to turn out the way they thought they would. Sometimes getting the things we want will take longer than we anticipate. The one thing I have learnt over the last few years is to just trust the process. I remember travailing on a bad road when I was still in Zambia, this was the only read that led to my boarding school, the journey was bumpy but there was no other road that was gong to lead me to my boarding school. It is important that we trust the process especially when things are not working out. In order to be what we are want to be we have to become something we have never been. Success is not what you get, success is who you become.

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