Stop fighting other people and start fighting for your dream

The first two jobs I had after graduating from university taught me that if I wanted to succeed then I had to ensure that my work colleagues do not beat me. This is where the journey of fighting other people began, I did this for the next seven years. I believed that if I wanted to be successful I had to be better than everyone around me so as you can imagine I did not make a very good team player. In one of my jobs I gained a lot of respect from senior management so much so that the…read more >

The road to success is not always going to easy but it will be worth it

There is always a buzz of excitement at the beginning of every new journey because we anticipate so much from it. We think of all the good new skills we are going to learn and we think of how wonderful the people are going to be. These are all the feelings I had when I left a job I had done for nearly four years last November. I was really looking forward to a new challenge because changing jobs for me is very big deal because of my eye condition. I like things to stay the same but I realised…read more >

Stop talking about it and do something about it

It was my first day of working in a city called Bristol and as I don’t drive i was going to have to make my journey to work on train. I was just getting into personal development. I did not know what areas to go into but the journeys to and from Bristol gave me a great insight on human behaviour. The one experience that stands out to me was one of the man who did not like his job and he always talked about all the other things that he wanted to do instead of the job he was…read more >

If everything around you is changing, why are you not changing?

I am sure we could not have imagined 2020 could have turned out the way it has, this was the year that was going to change our lives. A new year, a new decade which was going to change our lives but can you see how things have turned out now! Our plans for the year have totally been destroyed and we really want the year that started so well to come to an end and for things to go back to normal. The truth is that things will never go back to the way we knew them, you see…read more >

Pick your friends wisely

The one thing I was not good at when growing up was picking friends and this was because I was bullied throughout my childhood and I just felt lucky whenever I had a friend. This resulted in me becoming friends with people just because they spoke to me. When I moved to the UK I struggled to have friends to the point that I had no friends outside school. One day I was walking in the park near my house and I saw a group of people playing basketball and they invited me to play, after playing I asked for…read more >

Learn, keep learning and then relearn everything all over again

When I was around 9 or 10 years old I had a friend who I used play rugby with, he was a very good rugby player, he was faster than me, he was a lot quicker and generally a better rugby player than I was. However some of the rules in the game of rugby are always changing but my friend did not care about the rules he just wanted to play rugby, but at the same time he wanted to hold on to the old rules. This resulted in a lot of arguments with him; he always used to…read more >

Using an adversity as an opportunity

My friend James is one of the most inspirational people I know, he has done very well for himself, he travels to many parts of the world for business and is respected in his industry. However this was not always the case, when James graduated from university he went through a lot of trials and tribulations, he struggled to find a job and when he found one he suffered a lot of discrimination because he is black. He talks about going to a new job and been given the simplest work to do, if he ever made mistake everyone on…read more >

If you do not handle it with grace, it will stay in your face

There was time when I was having a really bad time at work, one of my colleagues had started finding fought in everything that I did and very soon I was anxious about work and everything else. The days and weeks that followed were really bad; I could not sleep at all and I was very tired all the time. I was very anxious everyday about how this colleague was treating me, this had happened to me before and it was happening again. I remember thinking when is this going to ever end, when are people going to stop treating…read more >

Focus on the big picture

A friend of mine was telling me about how his colleagues were not including him in anything, he told me about how the people in his team would all go outside to discuss certain issues without including him. This was making him feel unwanted and unimportant in the team. My friend is a very ambitious young man with a goal to do great things in his life; he always wants things to work very well and if they are not it drives him crazy. I could see that this was one of those things that was driving him crazy, apart…read more >

Accepting that life is uncertain is very important to our happiness

I have told this story a lot of times but I will tell it again, it is the story of how the mine company my mum worked for upped and left all the workers without pay. My mum did not have any income all of the sudden and most days we did not know if we were going to have anything to eat. The one thing I remember was that we just accepted this uncertainty, as young people we still had the same amount of joy we had, we did not know if we were going to have anything to…read more >