Take Responsibility

A few years ago a witnessed someone carrying out a task that is usually done by someone else. I had seen this before and I knew the first thing that they were going to do was to complain about it and complain about it they did. As they started doing the work they realised that the task was very complicated and for the next two hours all I heard was them complaining about the work they were doing. This person then said something that I hear a lot of people say every day and that is “if this goes wrong…read more >

I stayed longer than I should have

A few years ago I started a new job after a very difficult three months; this job gave me security and stability which I was looking for. Before I got the job I would look out for other opportunities but once I got this job I did not look at other opportunities. I have always been driven by goals but when I got this job I stopped setting goals for myself. I was a kid with a dream to do great things but the previous three months had completely knocked my confidence. I felt very lucky to even get the…read more >

If you are good at building houses with wood, don’t build houses with bricks.

It was a very cold winter morning in Gloucestershire and I was meeting my coaching client. He sat down next to me and said “nothing is working” What is not working I said? Everything I put my hands on is not working he said. He went on to tell me that he has tried to do a lot of things but nothing is working. He looked at me and said that I think I should give up on the whole thing. I asked him what he was really good at to which he responded by giving me a list of…read more >

Keep Your Dream Alive!

Do you remember how easy it was to dream when you were young? Every dream seemed achievable, and the word impossible was never in your vocabulary. Even though I struggled in school I still thought that I could be someone special in life. I remember when I was in year 5 and was struggling in school but my dream was to be a doctor when I grew up. No matter what the struggles were the future was still bright. However, by the time I was 15 years old the expectation of the bright future was slowly dying and by the…read more >

Stop and fix the tyre if it needs fixing

A few years ago I found myself doing a job that I did not like; I used to dread just waking up in the morning. I would get up every morning with the intention to make that day the best it could be but at the end of it I was back where I was the previous day. I had just left a job where I did reasonably well, I worked at a reception desk of a busy day unit but I made a decision to leave after experiencing what I thought was unfair treatment from the manager. However, here…read more >

You are the only person who needs to know why you are doing what you are doing

A few years ago I decided that the time had come for me to changes jobs and to show my boss some respect I told them that I had job interviews to go to. Their response was not the best, they questioned why I was going for those jobs I was going for. I knew that I had over stayed in the job and the time had come for me to move on, I did not take a lot of notice to what my manager was saying because I knew he time had come for me to move on. I…read more >

Finish what you start.

One day a friend of mine came to see me and he was excited about the new life coaching course he was doing. I have never seen him so enthusiastic about anything and I thought he has finally found something he was going to see through. A couple months later he told me about another course he was now doing and when I enquired about what happened with the other course he was doing the last time I saw him, He told me that he had given up on that course and the one he was currently doing was a…read more >

There is always a lesson in every unsuccessful adventure

A few months ago I contacted a few people I know and asked them if they can do a speaking event with event with me. This was going to be my most successful speaking event yet, I had four speakers and it was going to be a six hour event. The event was going to held hundreds of miles away from my home in Gloucester. Just like every event I have set up, everything is slow in the first few months, not a lot of tickets are sold but then it all moves very fast closer to the time. However…read more >

Focus on Being a Student of life

It was a cold Sunday morning In the valleys of Wales and my brother and I were being picked up by a priest we had never met before. That Sunday morning we went to a congregation that was deep in the valleys in a little welsh village called Brynaman. I did not know know Peter was going to play an important role in my life; he has since become one of great mentors in life. When we first met Peter he was intrigued about Zambia he asked a lot of questions about Zambia and about everything that we were doing…read more >

Stop looking back, there is nothing there

A received an email from a young man who was struggling in his job, he was asking for me to give him some inspiration to move forward in his life. This email was the longest email I had seen, this young man told me everything that was in his heart. I could not just write back, I needed to speak to this person, they were carrying so much baggage and I just wanted to help them so much. I get a lot of these emails but this one was different, this was a man who had reached breaking point and…read more >