Focus on Being a Student of life

It was a cold Sunday morning In the valleys of Wales and my brother and I were being picked up by a priest we had never met before. That Sunday morning we went to a congregation that was deep in the valleys in a little welsh village called Brynaman. I did not know know Peter was going to play an important role in my life; he has since become one of great mentors in life. When we first met Peter he was intrigued about Zambia he asked a lot of questions about Zambia and about everything that we were doing in the UK. He did not tell us a lot about himself but he asked a lot of questions about us. When I got to know him better I realised that he did this a lot with other people, it seemed to me like Peter was a student of life. He knew a lot of things, he had a very important job but he did not act like it. He seemed hungry for knowledge, every once in a while he would tell you some useful or very useless fact he had learnt somewhere. It seemed like everyday was an opportunity to learn and I think he knows so much because he has always been a student of life.

A lot of people are trying to be masters of life in doing so they are missing out on opportunities to learn. When you think you are master you will not be taught but if you think you are student everyday is an opportunity to learn. A lot of people are going through difficulties because they are not learning from their experiences. I met a young man the other week who has worked in five different organisations in the last five years, I asked him what he has learnt in all the jobs but he only told me what the organisations could have done better to keep him. You will never master your craft if you go through life thinking you know all there is to know.

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