There is always a lesson in every unsuccessful adventure

A few months ago I contacted a few people I know and asked them if they can do a speaking event with event with me. This was going to be my most successful speaking event yet, I had four speakers and it was going to be a six hour event. The event was going to held hundreds of miles away from my home in Gloucester. Just like every event I have set up, everything is slow in the first few months, not a lot of tickets are sold but then it all moves very fast closer to the time. However on this occasion things were very slow. Things got worse when I started receiving emails from people asking for their refund as they were not able to make the event anymore. The day of the event was getting closer and I started doing the months and I realised that I needed to have a near full capacity to recoup most of money. It was becoming clear as the day got closer that I was going to make a massive lose. I was now faced with a decision to either go ahead with the event no matter what happens or accept that on this occasion this whole project has been a failure. I had already spent money on Facebook advertising and producing posters, I had to accept my loses at this point and use it as a learning template. A few months ago I would have gone ahead with the event but this time I accepted that the event was not a success and I had to cancel. I then looked at the contributing factors of the failure of the event, I looked at my marketing and the fact the event was been held hundreds of miles away from my home city so I was relying on all the speakers who happen to live closer to venue to promote the event. The problem with is that this event is my baby, I created finding your voice and I alone know what I want the event to achieve so it is very difficult for the other speakers to sell this event for me. I was not able travel to that city every week to promote the event so this told me that I should concentrate on promoting the event in my city and surrounding areas.

The event might not have been success but I had learnt from it and I worked out what I need to do to make the vent a successful in the future. There are a lot of people out there who try a lot of things and when they don’t succeed they give up. The easiest thing I could have done is give on the dream of having my own events. I knew I had an event that will help people out there and on this occasion it did not happen. All I needed to do was go back to the drawing board and work out why the event did not work out before I set up the next one. Do you have a dream to do something great? Have you worked on it a few times but not succeed? Grab a pen and a not pad, write down why you think the project was a failure, after you have done that write down what you need to do to make it a success. No matter how difficult things are I want you to remember that there is always a lesson to learn in every unsuccessful adventure,

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