Finish what you start.

One day a friend of mine came to see me and he was excited about the new life coaching course he was doing. I have never seen him so enthusiastic about anything and I thought he has finally found something he was going to see through. A couple months later he told me about another course he was now doing and when I enquired about what happened with the other course he was doing the last time I saw him, He told me that he had given up on that course and the one he was currently doing was a lot better. I did not think a lot about I just thought he found a better course and he went for it. When I met up with him a few months later he told me was doing a different course. Every time I caught up with him he was doing a new course. After a couple years he had given up on this personal development thing and he has made decision to take a “normal job” because this journey was not working out. He told me that he had spent a lot of time and money and got nothing from it. He had a dream but after spending few thousand pounds on it he gave it up.

Why do you think my friend’s dream failed to come to fruition? He simply never finished anything that he started. There is a reason why a lot of people never finished what they start, remember that feeling of a brand new year? This is the year you are going to change your life. After a few days you realise that change was not going to be easy so what do you do? You pick up something else and you do this every time things get difficult and in the end you never see any success in what you are doing. My friend did not do any of the courses long enough to see any progress in them and in the end he gave up. There are authors out there who have given up on their dream because they are always starting a new book before they finish the one they are writing at the moment. If a lot of us are honest with ourselves the reason we are not leading the lives we want is simply because we don’t finish anything you start. A lot of people say starting something new is the most difficult thing you will ever do but in truth, finishing anything is the most difficult thing you can ever do. Many people start but only a few finish, if you want to be successful finish what you start before you move on to something new.

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