Stop and fix the tyre if it needs fixing

A few years ago I found myself doing a job that I did not like; I used to dread just waking up in the morning. I would get up every morning with the intention to make that day the best it could be but at the end of it I was back where I was the previous day. I had just left a job where I did reasonably well, I worked at a reception desk of a busy day unit but I made a decision to leave after experiencing what I thought was unfair treatment from the manager. However, here I was struggling every day and just trying to do the best that I could. There was no love lost between me and my new manager. I could not do anything right. One day after taking a week off work I went back into work and my manager was ready to tell me all the things that I did wrong the week before I went off work. She asked me not do any data entry but to just sign patients in. I went back to the desk defeated; I knew that if things did not change I would struggle for years. I sat on my desk and I knew that I should not spend any more time there, I went back to the manager’s office and handed my resignation to the surprise of everyone. I had a mortgage pay, a wedding to plan for but I knew that I needed to fix me before I did anything.

I have always been a sort of person who just refuses to give up but on this occasion I knew that I was on the road that was leading one way that was a broken life. I was out of employment for three weeks and after that I went back to a job that I had picked. The time off work gave me a chance to choose the path I wanted to go. I was reenergised and refocused on the things that I wanted. I truly believe that I would not have been an author and speaker today if I did not take a break from work. For three weeks I stepped away from struggling and i chose a path that I really wanted to go. The truth is sometimes you are driving on a tyre that needs fixing, if you do not change one day you will come to a standstill. Being a person who keeps going is very important but true happiness only comes about when you are able to stop and fix the tyre.

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