Keep Your Dream Alive!

Do you remember how easy it was to dream when you were young? Every dream seemed achievable, and the word impossible was never in your vocabulary. Even though I struggled in school I still thought that I could be someone special in life. I remember when I was in year 5 and was struggling in school but my dream was to be a doctor when I grew up. No matter what the struggles were the future was still bright. However, by the time I was 15 years old the expectation of the bright future was slowly dying and by the time I left Zambia to come to the UK the dream was dead. It was not until I failed my high school exams that I decided to resurrect the dream of a bright future. My life was going nowhere until I made a decision to dream again, having a dream has taken me from a high school failure to a motivational speaker.

I meet so many young people with great dreams and I always wonder how many of these young people will still be dreaming by the time they are 18 years old. A lot of people kill their dreams not because people tell them that are not good enough, people kill their dreams because they stop doing what they need to do to achieve their dreams, before you give up on your dream, ask yourself if you have done everything that you can do. Everyday I meet people who gave up just too soon, they failed once and they thought that that was the end, People will not always believe in your dream but the game is only over once you kill your dream. The world will not keep your dream alive; you have to do this everyday. A year ago I made a decision to do one thing a day to improve my life and I have experienced so much growth. What can you do starting today to keep your dream alive?


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