If you are good at building houses with wood, don’t build houses with bricks.

It was a very cold winter morning in Gloucestershire and I was meeting my coaching client. He sat down next to me and said “nothing is working” What is not working I said? Everything I put my hands on is not working he said. He went on to tell me that he has tried to do a lot of things but nothing is working. He looked at me and said that I think I should give up on the whole thing. I asked him what he was really good at to which he responded by giving me a list of things he wanted to do. Again I asked what sort of things he was really good at and he said that he likes organising people, if he is given a task to do he would go out and do it straight away, he went to tell me that he does not like starting anything but he just les finishing off other people’s work.

The truth was this man was never going to be good at running his own business but he was going to be successful at helping other people run successful businesses. I meet a lot of people everyday who doing things they are not good at because they think that that there is only one way to go if they want to be successful. I met a young lady who was an accountant because her parents always wanted her to be an accountant ever since she was a little girl, she was a decent accountant but she was a brilliant musician but she did not follow her true passion. If you employee a builder who is good at building wooden houses to build your house with bricks and the house falls down to the ground after a few months: Is it because the builder was not good enough or was it because the builder was not doing what they are good at? Look at your life right now and ask yourself if you are doing something that you are really good at.

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