The road to success is not always going to easy but it will be worth it

There is always a buzz of excitement at the beginning of every new journey because we anticipate so much from it. We think of all the good new skills we are going to learn and we think of how wonderful the people are going to be. These are all the feelings I had when I left a job I had done for nearly four years last November. I was really looking forward to a new challenge because changing jobs for me is very big deal because of my eye condition. I like things to stay the same but I realised that if I wanted my life to change I had to do something that is new to me so I made a leap of faith and changed jobs. I was really looking forward to what the new job was going to give me, I had stepped away from our head office and went to an office 10 miles away, I was glad I had made the decision but I was wondering if this was right thing a few weeks later. I realised that the new job was not going to let me do what I am really good at as my previous job did. The next few months that followed were a struggled. After about a month of struggling I realised that this was teaching something so I wrote down what I learnt about the people around me which gave me a great insight into human behaviour. When I worked at HQ I was surrounded by people who knew what they wanted out of life but here I was surrounded by people who did not know what they really wanted in life and they really just wanted to fit in. It was at this point that I realised that learning sometimes is going to have to be done in what will look less than ideal conditions this is because the path to success is not always going to be easy.

Do I regret making the decision I made? Absolutely not! The seven months I had in that job were difficult but they taught me so much about people and how to deal with different kinds of people. It was at this point I realised that I knew how to build relationships with people who wanted me to do well but I really struggled when it came to dealing with people who did not have my best interest at heart. This was the point I realised that if I was going to make the grade for next level of my journey I had to stop running away when times get difficult. The key to success is learning through the good and the bad because the road to success is not always going to be easy.

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