Risking it all to get it all

In April 2004 my mum left our small town of Luanshya in Northern Zambia and embarked on the longest journey she had ever been on. A lot of African nurses were being recruited to the UK and a lot of them took advantage of this opportunity. At the end of the month mum started off for the UK leaving behind all the things she had collected over the years for a new life in London. She moved to a new country without knowing how things were going to work out. She had a good job as a sister in charge at our local hospital but she risked it all by going to a foreign country. She left everything behind, the only thing she had with her were her clothes and a dream for a better life for us. In 2005 my dad, my brother and I joined mum in the…read more >

Stay Focused

It was April 2017 and I had just won the Area 11 Toastmaster speech contests which I never thought I was going to win. I had made it to the next round of the contest and I was really looking forward to deliver my speech which I thought was very good and was going to touch a lot of people. The week before the area contest I had won the club contest and I went home and I did all I could to make the speech better. However after winning the area contest I did not do a lot of work to improve my speech, even though I knew that the speeches at the divisional level were going to be more competitive I did not do anything to improve my speech, I did not do this because in my own head I had made it to the world championships final…read more >

Never stop moving forward

I knew a woman who was left by her husband for another woman and even though she was heartbroken she carried on with life as normal. I remember the morning she told us that her husband had left her, she was very calm and she just thought of all the things she was going to be doing to move on. She was not angry, she was not saying anything negative about her husband, she was just doing her very best to move on with life. She looked happy and she did not go around looking for sympathy from everyone, she never stopped moving forward with life. She was doing and achieving a lot of things despite the situation in her life. I could not believe how gracefully this heartbroken woman was handling this situation; the separation did not stop her progress whatsoever. I asked my friend if she saw it…read more >

Give your dreams a chance

When I left university in 2013 I was not greeted with a lot of opportunities so I was very surprised when a friend of mine who had managed to find permanent job fairly quickly gave it up and got a job in another organisation on a three months contract. I was curious, well that is not true, I was furious with him, I asked why he had given up a permanent job to take up a job that was not going anywhere. I will never forget his response. “I refuse to stay comfortable on the road that leads nowhere” despite his defiance I thought he was making a mistake and I thought I was proved right when at the end of three months his contract was not renewed and he was jobless. A few weeks later he had phone call from one the customers who was so impressed with him…read more >

Opportunity Never knocks, you have to keep the door open to it.

A young man left college and embarked on a new journey; he was working at a a garage repairing cars. He had always wanted to be a mechanic so he went to talk to one of the mechanics and this man had a lot of enthusiasm to help young people. He was told to come in two hours before he is supposed to start so that he can learn all about being a mechanic. The following day he was in 6am to learn about being a mechanic and so he did for next two weeks, however in the third week he did not turn up for the whole week. The following week the mechanic saw him doing his job and asked him why he did not turn up and told him that he was not a morning person can they do training in the evening to which the mechanic said…read more >

Learn from your mistakes

I had a phone call from a prospective client and arranged to meet him for coffee. We met up the next day and we discussed what he wanted from the caching session. I thought he was a very motivated Young man who was serious about changing his fortunes. However, a few weeks later he realised that most of struggles in work was because of attitude. The next day he phoned me and was downhearted about the situation, I told him that this was good thing because he could change. After talking to him I had a feeling that I will never hear from him again. I thought he was doing so well so I tried to get in touch as friend and I had no reply so I let it go and hoped that this young man will learn sooner rather later what is holding back. It is a lot…read more >

Knowledge Is Not Power

A Few months ago I was talking to a very knowledgeable pensioner. He had insights in a lot of industries and businesses. He told me how to run a successful business and how to lead a happy and successful life. I went home really puzzled to why a very knowledgeable person can be so unsuccessful and unfulfilled, then it hit me, what you know doesn’t make you successful, what you do with what you know makes you successful, You can change any area of your life by taking action on what you know. The order I get the more I realise that successful people are not at the top of their industry because they know more than the rest, they are on top because they take more action than everyone else. A lot of Managers know that if you treat the employees’ right they will stay in the organisation and…read more >

Too Busy to make Progress

A few years ago I was working in a very busy outpatients department and the one thing I remember is that I did not have a day were I was clock watching because it was just very busy. I would arrive at reception at 8:30am and before I even turned my computer on I had doctors asking me for all kind of printed lists and before long the patients were queuing up and the day of dealing with query after query and complaint after complaint began. I felt like I did not have enough time to do all I need to do so I went in on weekends on my own time to finish off some of the work that was not done in the week. I worked all the hours under the sun but I always felt like I was not making any progress in the job, in myself…read more >

Stop snoozing all over your dream

You know those days you get inspirational to change your life, you sit there and say to yourself that tomorrow is the day that I will begin to change my life, I will get up early and go for a run around the block, I will then come back home and read or listen to something inspirational. I will then have some healthy breakfast and I will leave home on time and I will not be rushing anywhere. The next morning that alarm clock goes off and what is the first thing you do? Yes you guessed it, press the snooze button and go back to bed. You then press the snooze button several more times until you have to get out of bed and you repeat what you have always done over the years, rush to the bathroom, have chocolate cake for breakfast because the only thing you csn…read more >

Stop fighting other people’s battles

A few years ago I was working with someone was very difficult to work to get on with. This person would come in and would not talk to anyone in the department and you know what I did? I did not speak to her either. I would say things like if she won’t speak to me I won’t speak to her either. The days were long, the performance in our department was poor, people did not like coming up to us because there was always something going on. She would go and tell other people about me and I would go and tell other people about her. This carried on until our manager was able to move her. She was moved to do something else I felt like I had won. It dawned on me the other day that I had won nothing, in fact I had lost that battle,…read more >