If you do not handle it with grace, it will stay in your face

There was time when I was having a really bad time at work, one of my colleagues had started finding fought in everything that I did and very soon I was anxious about work and everything else. The days and weeks that followed were really bad; I could not sleep at all and I was very tired all the time. I was very anxious everyday about how this colleague was treating me, this had happened to me before and it was happening again. I remember thinking when is this going to ever end, when are people going to stop treating me differently because of the colour of my skin. One night I was having another one of my sleepless nights so I went to do the watching up that I should have done a few hours earlier and that was when it came to me, something that I had heard my motivational speaking Hero Les Brown said, “If you do not handle it with grace it will stay in your face” with those words I walked to the sofa with so much peace in my heart and I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up with so much peace in my heart and the next few weeks i made decision to leave the job and do something else.

We are always going to find people who will not like us, managers who will not give us the opportunities to progress and people who will not like us because of religion, lack of religion or skin colour. All these can look like factors that will stop your progress but my dear friend they are not, what determines whether your life is going to be success or a flop is how you respond to the situation that you find yourself in. I was working towards becoming a motivational speaker and speaking up against inequality so I had to go through this experience in order for me to educate others. In everything that we do we have to make sure that we become the masters of our emotions because those who do not master their emotions will get destroyed by them.

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