Focus on the big picture

A friend of mine was telling me about how his colleagues were not including him in anything, he told me about how the people in his team would all go outside to discuss certain issues without including him. This was making him feel unwanted and unimportant in the team. My friend is a very ambitious young man with a goal to do great things in his life; he always wants things to work very well and if they are not it drives him crazy. I could see that this was one of those things that was driving him crazy, apart from this driving him crazy I noticed this was making him lose focus on the big picture. He had a dream to have his own business but I started to feel that he was been side tract by things that did not matter, the people he was working with were clearly trying to feel more important and this was the only way that they felt important. All he had to do was to learn from this experience and move on.

This is the story of so many people, they focus on the things that do no matter in the grand scheme of things. They focus on trying to fit in and they do this by trying to please other people. So many people could be doing great things but they are not simply because they are trying to fit in with people who have not got a dream for a better tomorrow. In order to be successful in your life you have to keep asking yourself where the actions you are taking on particular day will take you in a the next few years if you were to repeat them every day. A lot of people are not taking action that will change their lives simply because they are focusing on the small things. In order to be successful we have to ensure that we focusing on the things that matter. A lot of people have decided what they are doing now is all they be, and they will do anything to protect that, people who achieve great things in life focus on where they are going.
Do your days involve taking Actions that please other people or are they filled with activities that will take you closer to your goal? FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE.

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