Accepting that life is uncertain is very important to our happiness

I have told this story a lot of times but I will tell it again, it is the story of how the mine company my mum worked for upped and left all the workers without pay. My mum did not have any income all of the sudden and most days we did not know if we were going to have anything to eat. The one thing I remember was that we just accepted this uncertainty, as young people we still had the same amount of joy we had, we did not know if we were going to have anything to eat but we were always happy. I have to say we had more to eat than most of my friends but the joy and the love was always there. As a group of young people we were wise enough to accept that life is uncertainty, we were never certain about having food, we were never certain that our parents will be able to afford school shoes if the ones we had broke. I remember the time I did not have shoes and I had to stay home for nearly a month because my mum had to make a decision between buying me shoes or feeding me.

I look back at my life and I realise that my life did not have any certainty whatsoever. This is why I have been able to handle all the changes that I have faced because for me certainty does not exist. This does not mean that I am never working to create certainty is various areas of my life, however I realises that there a lot of things that I just don’t have control over and no matter what I do I will never have control of everything in my life. In 2000 we had plenty to eat, life was going so well and a year later my mum was making a choice of either feeding me or buying me a pair of shoes. Accepting that life is full of uncertainty is the key to a happy life, trying to be certain about everything will drive you crazy because our world is changing so fast and what is great today is not so great tomorrow, what is seen as a great speech today is not looked the same way tomorrow. As we deal with uncertainty that has been brought about by corona virus, let us accept and deal with the uncertainty that life brings, fighting will not solve anything but finding solutions will help.

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