The time of uncertainty is the time to get ahead

In around 2001 the mine company that was running the mine in my home town Luasnhya upped and left and this meant a lot of people did not get paid. People were still going to work every day but there was no salary coming in for months and sometimes up to 6 months at the time. This was a very difficult time for a lot of people, people stopped making big plans and they put all their goals on hold because of the uncertainty that was in the town. I had never seen so much poverty in one place, just a few months earlier we had everything but now the whole town was covered in poverty that had not been seen before. However the one thing I remember was that some people used this opportunity to do better for themselves, a lot of people decided to stop trading because they thought that they would not make a profit, however some people decided this was the time to start their businesses and the great thing for them was that there was no competition because a lot of their competitors had stopped trading. Fast forward three years later, the mine was now in full operation and the people in town were getting a regular monthly salary and these businesses had established a loyal customer base in the hard times so everyone was going to their business. The other people who thought packing in their dreams and do something else were trying to get back to their business but this was too late they were not able to compete.

At the moment we dealing with the outbreak of COVID-19 a lot of people seem to have put their plans on hold. A lot of people are going to stop working on the things that they want because the focus will be on what is going on around today. If you carry on working on your dreams you will be getting ahead, this is because you will be doing more than everyone else and this is the way to get ahead. A lot of people who are ahead in life are simply doing what other people will not do especially in the times of uncertainty. It is important to remember a lot of people are not working on their dreams in difficult times and those who are doing so are the ones who are going to get ahead. If you do today what others won’t do, you will have tomorrow what otherS won’t have.

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