There is always a lesson in every unsuccessful adventure

A few months ago I contacted a few people I know and asked them if they can do a speaking event with event with me. This was going to be my most successful speaking event yet, I had four speakers and it was going to be a six hour event. The event was going to held hundreds of miles away from my home in Gloucester. Just like every event I have set up, everything is slow in the first few months, not a lot of tickets are sold but then it all moves very fast closer to the time. However on this occasion things were very slow. Things got worse when I started receiving emails from people asking for their refund as they were not able to make the event anymore. The day of the event was getting closer and I started doing the months and I realised that I…read more >

Focus on Being a Student of life

It was a cold Sunday morning In the valleys of Wales and my brother and I were being picked up by a priest we had never met before. That Sunday morning we went to a congregation that was deep in the valleys in a little welsh village called Brynaman. I did not know know Peter was going to play an important role in my life; he has since become one of great mentors in life. When we first met Peter he was intrigued about Zambia he asked a lot of questions about Zambia and about everything that we were doing in the UK. He did not tell us a lot about himself but he asked a lot of questions about us. When I got to know him better I realised that he did this a lot with other people, it seemed to me like Peter was a student of life.…read more >

Stop looking back, there is nothing there

A received an email from a young man who was struggling in his job, he was asking for me to give him some inspiration to move forward in his life. This email was the longest email I had seen, this young man told me everything that was in his heart. I could not just write back, I needed to speak to this person, they were carrying so much baggage and I just wanted to help them so much. I get a lot of these emails but this one was different, this was a man who had reached breaking point and wanted to move forward in his life. The next day I was speaking to him on skype,, I asked him what was holding him back and that’s when he started telling me about his past. He spoke about how his father abandoned him when he was young and how the…read more >

If you don’t handle it with grace it will stay in your face

A few years ago I was working with a colleague who was very difficult, for a reason unknown to me she did not like me at all. This meant that she would find a lot of faults in my work and to make matters worse she was very close to my manager and very soon my manager started to find a lot of faults in my work, Very soon I was stressed out, I was struggling to sleep and if I got to sleep i would wake up in a panic. This carried on for three whole months, I tried to do all I could to make it stop, I would stay half an hour late and not claim the time back. I did everything I did to improve things in the work place but no matter what did; things did not get any better. I went from anxious to…read more >

The Truth is Incontrovertible

Samuel was a smart young man with a bright future; it looked like nothing was going to stop him. In 2013 he graduated from university with honours and he was ready to conquer the world. A few weeks after graduating from University he landed his first job; he was looking forward to putting everything he learnt into practice. However after the first few weeks he realised that a lot of people in his office did not like him, it was not because he was not good at his job, and it was because he was very good at what he did. He worked in the organisation for a year and he describes it as a nightmare, there was always someone who tried to put him down and point out what he was doing wrong. Sam knew his stuff and he knew that everything that was happening to him at the…read more >

A thankful heart is always going to be a joyful heart

In 2004 I was sent to a boarding school away from the comfortable town life, I was really looking forward to ir until I got there and realised that it was 24 kilometres away from the nearest town. This was not what I was expecting but I thought let’s see what this experience was going to bring. A few weeks later I visited our local New Apostolic Church and i remember the first services very well because I got nothing from it because everyone spoke Kaonde and I spoke Bemba. However this did not put me off from going to church and from learning the new language. Very quickly I built up a really strong relationship with one of the Priests who was also my maths teacher and he would take me on all his visits. One visit will always stay with me; we heard that there was a family…read more >

Don’t waste your opportunities

In my previous blog I told you about how my mum risked it all so that my brother and I can have it all, today I will tell you about how some of the young people who had this opportunity wasted it. The first thing that caught my attention was how much educational resources were available, you could go to the library and pick a book of your choice, you did not have to buy exercise books and you could get a paper round to earn yourself some money. My parents told us about the importance of using the educational opportunities that were in front of us now. Even though I was struggling to fit in and was struggling academically, in the back of mind I knew that I had been given a wonder opportunity to be successful. When we turned sixteen a lot of the people I knew started…read more >

Risking it all to get it all

In April 2004 my mum left our small town of Luanshya in Northern Zambia and embarked on the longest journey she had ever been on. A lot of African nurses were being recruited to the UK and a lot of them took advantage of this opportunity. At the end of the month mum started off for the UK leaving behind all the things she had collected over the years for a new life in London. She moved to a new country without knowing how things were going to work out. She had a good job as a sister in charge at our local hospital but she risked it all by going to a foreign country. She left everything behind, the only thing she had with her were her clothes and a dream for a better life for us. In 2005 my dad, my brother and I joined mum in the…read more >

Stay Focused

It was April 2017 and I had just won the Area 11 Toastmaster speech contests which I never thought I was going to win. I had made it to the next round of the contest and I was really looking forward to deliver my speech which I thought was very good and was going to touch a lot of people. The week before the area contest I had won the club contest and I went home and I did all I could to make the speech better. However after winning the area contest I did not do a lot of work to improve my speech, even though I knew that the speeches at the divisional level were going to be more competitive I did not do anything to improve my speech, I did not do this because in my own head I had made it to the world championships final…read more >

Never stop moving forward

I knew a woman who was left by her husband for another woman and even though she was heartbroken she carried on with life as normal. I remember the morning she told us that her husband had left her, she was very calm and she just thought of all the things she was going to be doing to move on. She was not angry, she was not saying anything negative about her husband, she was just doing her very best to move on with life. She looked happy and she did not go around looking for sympathy from everyone, she never stopped moving forward with life. She was doing and achieving a lot of things despite the situation in her life. I could not believe how gracefully this heartbroken woman was handling this situation; the separation did not stop her progress whatsoever. I asked my friend if she saw it…read more >