Learn, keep learning and then relearn everything all over again

When I was around 9 or 10 years old I had a friend who I used play rugby with, he was a very good rugby player, he was faster than me, he was a lot quicker and generally a better rugby player than I was. However some of the rules in the game of rugby are always changing but my friend did not care about the rules he just wanted to play rugby, but at the same time he wanted to hold on to the old rules. This resulted in a lot of arguments with him; he always used to say everyone was wrong. I remember one particular occasion very well, it took us over half an hour to start a game because we were trying to convince him that the rules had changed and he was not having it and in the end we played on with him operating on old rules. Joe was a very talented young man and I believe he could have played rugby at international level had he taken the time to learn, he had the speed and the power but because he chose not to learn and relearn what he knew he missed out on a great opportunity in his life, I have no idea what Joe is doing today but I think that if he took time to learn I would be hearing about him today.

Just like my friend did when it came to rugby a lot of people are doing this with their life. Life is all about learning and once you have learnt something you have to keep on learning, a lot of people are not what they could be because they stopped learning a long time ago. A lot of people start a new job and once they know what they need to know they stop learning, they never learn anything new and very soon thy start feeling like that this is the only job that they can do. The second important thing that a lot of people should be doing but never do is relearn everything they know. A few days ago I picked a copy of my first book Arise and Shine and I read something out of it and I thought I really don’t believe that anymore. This is because I have a learnt a lot of new things since publishing the book, even though what I wrote was good at the time, I was able to say there is a better way to do the particular thing I was talking about. I was able to do this because I was prepared to learn, I kept on learning and relearnt what I knew. Make sure that you keep your mind open because what is good enough today will not be tomorrow.

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