4 Reasons You Should Hire People With Disabilities

A Lot of employers think they are doing a disabled person a favour when they give them a job. What they don’t realises is that employing a disabled person brings a lot of benefits for them as well. Having lived the whole of my life with a disability and having walked out of a job because my Manager could not10995619_655266994603180_5578574025114662613_n accommodate me and going into a job were the Manager was very understanding, I realised hiring disabled employees can benefit the organisation. I however think they are four main reasons why every organisation should hire people with disabilities

Here are four main reasons why

They are extraordinary problem solvers. Exceptional people face unfathomable challenges every day, which means they’re often great problem solvers. In today’s business environment, companies need to tap into creative thinking and resourcefulness to drive the organization forward, and exceptional people have those in spades.

Well-defined skills are of great benefit. Exceptional people may lack the ability to do certain things, but when you look beyond that you usually find highly developed skills in other areas. Interestingly, physical limitations may lead to focus, which creates spectacular results.

They are often loyal employees. Working together to overcome obstacles is the basis of phenomenal working relationships. When employers begin tackling the basic issues of access, it forms the foundation for an extensive, mutually beneficial and productive future.

When the focus shifts from disability to ability, everyone benefits. A focus on the determination to succeed, and a supportive culture, is the recipe for an engaged and productive workplace. Observing the physical challenges of our exceptional counterparts can often inspire us all to increase our own efforts.

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