Don’t waste your opportunities

In my previous blog I told you about how my mum risked it all so that my brother and I can have it all, today I will tell you about how some of the young people who had this opportunity wasted it. The first thing that caught my attention was how much educational resources were available, you could go to the library and pick a book of your choice, you did not have to buy exercise books and you could get a paper round to earn yourself some money. My parents told us about the importance of using the educational opportunities that were in front of us now. Even though I was struggling to fit in and was struggling academically, in the back of mind I knew that I had been given a wonder opportunity to be successful. When we turned sixteen a lot of the people I knew started getting part time jobs and earning a bit of money and they got side tracked by this, thy started going partying but I just put my head down to turn my fortunes around. In 2017 by book “Arise and Shine” was published and by this time I was married, living in my own house and had stable employment. On the other hand, some of the people who were moved from Zambia to the UK by their parents had wasted this opportunity because they got side tract by secondary activities,

It is incredible to think that people who had experienced hunger and poverty in their home land were not hungry for success when this opportunity was given to them. A lot of them are struggling today not because they were not good enough, they are struggling because they threw the opportunity away. I see people who throw away opportunities everyday, they do not look at each day that is granted to them as an opportunity to change their lives. How do you wake up everyday? Do you tell yourself that this is the day you are going to change your life? Do you even have a plan or do you always go with the flow? I struggled to make friends when I was in school even with fellow Zambians because I was not a kid who just wet with the flow, if an activity was going to take me away from working on my goal, I would run away from it. The one thing that surprised me was the variety of choices that were available to me. A lot of people give up on living their best life when things don’t work out simply because they don’t take time to see the options they have in front of them. Everyday time ticks away and we are either using up the opportunities or wasting them, look around right now, it does not matter if things are going well or not going too well, what opportunities are round you right now? When you look for opportunities you discover that you are surrounded by them all the time.

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