Stay Focused

I have spent this morning writing my second book “Finding your Voice” After five hours of writing I went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and I discovered that we were out of milk. I went to the local shop which is just around the corner from our house. Whenever I go there I always make a point to say hello the security person on duty and I did the same this afternoon but I did not get a response because the security person on duty was on their phone, Yes ladies and gentlemen the person who was meant to be looking out for people shoplifting was on their phone. I spent about five minutes in the shop and for the whole time I was there I was looking at the security person on duty to see if they come off their phone at any point and for the whole time I was there they stayed on their phone. As I left the shop I started to wonder how a person can successfully do a security job without knowing who is coming in and out of the shop,
The truth is a lot of people are doing this everyday in their day job, instead of working they are busy on social media or shopping. A lot of people have got a desired goal in mind but they don’t spend a lot of time doing things that will get them close to their goal. The security personal at the local shop may have a goal to make money and not to progress and they will make money even though they are not doing a very good job at it. However if this person wanted to make progress and go up in the organisation, spending time on their mobile phone whilst on duty will not get them there. If I was to sit down with them I would ask them one question and I am going to ask this question to you as well. If you want to reach your goal or get close to your goal by 31st December 2019, what should you focus on from today?

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