Time cannot be recycled

It was the 14tFrankh May 2015 and I was working as a Receptionist in the Haematology Outpatients Department and one of the patients who I was really fond off was told to come in that day and see her consultant as a matter of urgency. When a Consultant says she has to see that patient when she has no appointment booked you knew it was not for a cup of coffee. We always booked a taxi for her when she was coming in so I did the usual. After she saw her consultant I went back to give her taxi docket for her to get home, I found her in a flood of tears. This lady had a stem cell transplant after been diagnosed with leukaemia and on this day she was given the sad news, her leukaemia was back. I sat in that little room with her trying to give encouragement to keep going like I always did with every patient but I realised that this wonderful lady did not want to fight on and three weeks later she passed away.

One of the last conversations I had with her was her wishing she could have had a better life style and she told me of all the other things she that wished she could have done. She spoke about the career path she should have taken, friends she should have left back and people she should have spent more time with. This made me realise something, man was truly designed with a purpose but man takes most of  talents to the grave because man spends a lot of his time undertaking actions that will not benefit him. For example myself, in 2009 an Italian 17 year old footballer played his first game for Manchester United and scored the winning goal. My Saturdays were spent watching football and in April I was sat watching Sky Sports and someone said that was 7 years ago. It was then I realised that I had wasted a lot of time watching sport, I tried to think of the time I did not spend a whole of Saturday watching football and I could not think of any.

Time is more valuable than money because you can loose money and get it back but you will never have the lost time back. You will never have the time you have lost with your children because they will never be children again. A few years ago I had a tendency of starting new things and then stopping once it gets hard. A couple years later I would look back and wonder how developed I could have been but we will never know because I decided to use my time differently. Look at all the things that are taking up your time and ask yourself this question, is what I am doing right now adding value to my life? I saw an advert saying a lot of people are dying because of what they are eating, I think a lot more are dying because of what is eating them. When today goes it is gone and you will never beck any time from today not even half a second. Live today or you will live to regret today in a few years to come

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