A Letter to young Frank

Dear Frank,
I am writing to you today to tell you that it time you let go of the pain you have having being going through. I know you did not have a lot of peace in your life, every day was a full of uncertainty, you were told by so many people that you can do great things in your life. Remember the year one teacher who called you a fool and Mr Bean? Of course you do, you carried those feelings in your heart for so many years and sometimes I feel them even today. It was tough been labelled a waste of space at a very young age, it was tough not having proper friends in your life, remember how you had to steal money from your mum’s pace so that you can buy things for other people so that they like you, you would get in trouble for it and your friends would laugh at you. You started hating yourself, you started thinking you will never be good enough.
I am writing to you today to let you know that despite of the struggles we had all those years ago life is great today. It is a lot better than I thought I would turn out but by god am I having a great time. Because you were able to survive the early days I am able to enjoy the success today. Remember how I was scared of speaking in front of people? Well, today I can do that at with no problems at all. Do you remember the people who said I was not good enough? Well, they were wrong. Life is so amazing today I have achieved so much, I have written a book,, I am a local radio presenter and I am a coach helping others change their lives for the better.
I have written to you today to tell you that we don’t have to feel the pain anymore, we have done so great you and me, we have overcome so much but the only way that we are going to enjoy the present and embrace the future is by forgiving the past. The past will never serve me and I have got so much today, so much to achieve. It was because of the poor start that I am here today, I am no longer a victim of bullying, I am no longer a victim of loneliness and no longer a victim of domestic abuse, today i am free, free to dream, free to achieve, free to reach my ultimate goal in life. Today I am saying goodbye to the past and as my book says it time to Arise and Shine.

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