When the pain of not leading the life you want becomes greater than your fear of failure.

It was cold Monday morning, and my friend James was anxious as he was every time he went to work. He turned his computer on, went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee as he did everyday. Work had become predictable the sparkle that once existed in his life was long gone. He walked back to his desk and some people were complementing him on how smart he was and others were laughing at him. He saw one of his managers he admired a lot and he went to talk to her but she did not want to talk to him, she went to talk to a different person about sports. Suddenly, he remembered he had dream but the fear of failing was holding him back. He had thought of working on his dream but all the time he thinks about failing he settles for his day job. He works long hours so that he might be noticed but people barely notice him. This morning something was different, he was tired of just going through life without a purpose. He remembered that digital marketing course he bought a few weeks earlier, it was time to embark on that journey, the fear of failure had gone and all he could feel was the pain of failure. He went home that night and started the course, fast forward two years later; he owns a digital marketing business and he is travelling the world whenever he wishes all because one day he woke up and the pain of failure was big then the pain of not doing he loved was bigger than the fear of failure.

47″ />How many people spend their entire working lives like James did in his first few years of work because they are afraid that might fail? The reality is that if you do not work on the things you really love you have already failed. James did not know where his dream was going to take him and when he had the courage to follow his dream, he was surprised at what he found. James used to think he was not good enough but when he took time to study he learnt all the skills he needed to become successful. So many of us are too busy living our fears, and we are unable to see the possibilities around us. Are you more scared of People laughing at you because you are working on your dreams? or working everyday doing something that does not give you satisfaction? You live live your fers or you can live your dream,

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