Stop Living in Hope and Start Creating

Last Saturday my wife was busy in the kitchen preparing our evening meal when she realised that we did not have some of the ingredients we needed so I put some trainers and ran to the shop so that i can come back to the football match I was watching. I got the things we needed and I went to check out. As I went to the check out looking for quick getaway I realised that that was not going to happen because I had ten people in front of me. I did what I do every time I find myself surrounded by a lot of people, I just started watching everyone and very quickly I realised that every person who went to the checkout was buying lottery ticket, by the time I got to the check out, every single person in front of me had bought a ticket. When I got to the checkout the lady behind the till said you are the only person who has come in here and does not want to be successful. I smiled and I just paid my bill and said maybe.
The truth is, I had been awake since 5am that morning, I had done a radio broadcast on our local radio station, I had come home and I worked on improving my speaking and that morning I had a phone call inviting me to speak the following afternoon and I had spent that afternoon preparing my speech. The statement that that I did not want to be successful I was absolutely false. I want to be successful I am not just hoping for lady luck to smile at me, I am going out every day deliberately creating the life that I want. You can either hope that things will change or you can go out there and create the change that you want.

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