Look after your Garden of life

In 2015 my wife Suzie and I bought the house we live in at the moment and I remember how exciting it was to get our first house which we were going to call home. We looked at all the rooms in the house with so much excitement, every room looked clean and you could tell that the person who lived in the house really cared about the house. We then went to see the garden; the garden was big with so much space but something caught my attention, the rose flowers in the garden had dried out but the weeds were growing like no man’s business. You see the roses needed looking after and the weeds did not need any care at all and if I wanted a lovely garden I had to ensure that the roses are looked after and the weeds are taken out.
As I was looking at the garden I realised that this is the same with life, if we want the great things in life we have to work for them, we have to look after and nurture our talents. If you want to have a great life, a great body, a great marriage and great career you have to work hard. A lot of people go through life not doing what it takes but they expect life to give them the best. The garden I saw that day was not been looked after very well so all the plants you would want and expect to see in the garden died and all the plants you would not want in your garden were doing really well. As I was standing in the middle of what was going to be our garden I made a plan of how I wanted my garden to look like and the moment we moved the garden became completely different, the weeds were gone and more roses were planted. If you treat your life like a well-loved and looked garden you will Arise and Shine.

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