Bread and Butter or your Destiney?

Every morning I get up and I leave my dreams at home. I go to a job for the sake of bread and better when I could be doing so much more. I get back home look at what I really what to do but I am too tired to do anything about, that’s another day of life gone. The pattern continues, I feel I am not good enough; I look at what successful people who do what I want to do. People look down on me all the time but  I do the job everyday because I need bread and better, Whenever I think about what I could be doing Ii think of bread and better and whenever I talk to people about what I want to do they remind me that I need my bread and better. I look at my goal every morning and the words I am not good enough come to me and I am told once again remember bread and better. I cannot let go of bread and better, I have to have bread and butter, I tell myself each morning. I walk in@ the house after eight hours of work and my soul is empty, I can feel the lack of joy and abundance in my life but I am still holding to my 9-5 job because I need bread and butter. I get up early in the morning and I look at my dream but I can’t do much about it because I have to go and earn my bread and better. I close the door behind me. I do not just lock my possessions behind me I lock my dreams away for another day because I need bread better. I look for ways to make my dream a reality but then I realise that it is a lot easier to find something that will give me bread and butter instantly so I stop searching for the things that I know will give me long lasting happiness. Because of bread and butter i am sat at the desk instead of standing on stage doing what I know deep inside that I was born to do. Why am I doing this it’s because of bread and butter. If you did not think about bread and better what would you be doing right now? What is that thing you have been holding to for a long time? Are you willing to stop thinking about your bread and butter and focus on the life you can have if you were doing what you are born to do. We can have a lot more than we realise but we don’t because we just want bread and butter. Your dream is yours only if you stop focusing on your bread and better. It might be tough to begin with but in a long run bread butter won’t be something you will be worrying about it because you will have a lot more. The choice is yours, Bread and butter or you true passion.

It’s another busy Friday afternoon in the office, as I wash my hands in the bathroom i see my own reflection in the mirror, its another day of not doing what I was born to do this is all because of bread and butter. Everyday that goes by is a day of not doing what I was born to-do and that is all because of bread and butter. I pick up the phone and I talk to really frustrated people, I walk to the local subway for some lunch I come across even more frustrated people and this is all because everyone is after bread and butter. I walk back to the office I see a young lady walking back to her office reluctantly wishing she could be somewhere else but she needs bread and butter so she stays. I go into my office I pick up the phone and ring a member of staff and I ask them if they want to work today, they sound like they want to be doing something else but they say yes because they need bread butter. I talk to a young man making sandwiches at subway and he tells me what he would rather be doing but he is not, why? He needs bread and better. A man and woman who have fallen out of love and they need to really move on but because they need each other financially they stay together because they need bread and better . A lot of us have made a DECISION TO KILL OUR OWN DREAM BECAUSE WE WANT BREAD AND BUTTER. We think that if we venture into the unknown we will lose our bread and butter. We take our greatness to the grave with us because of bread and butter.  We think of that one thing that will make us happy then we remember that we need our bread and butter, Our bread and butter has become so important so much so a lot of people will put their lives on the line to ensure that that they do not lose their bread and butter. Do you want your dream or do you want your bread and butter. This is where it all gets exciting, if you go for  bread and butter alone you will lose out your dreams you will also have your bread and better. Imagine getting up every morning looking forward to what the day is going to bring and Treating each day as an adventure. Going through each day with the knowledge that you are growing every minute and you are creating something that is for you. You can do this if you focus on your dreams and not on your bread and butter.

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