2016 will be the same as the past years if you do not change you.

As most of us are in that period were new years  resolutions have not broken yet I thought I would drop in and help you change your lives for the better. In 2008 I almost took my own life, luckily the tablets I took did not work because I vomited them all. I always look back at this day and I always wonder how much of life I could have missed out on. A lot of people did not know this ever happened because I kept it to myself. I wanted the way out because I thought that if I took my life all my suffering will go away. A lot of people think that if they take their lives all the suffering will go away and they do not think about all the good things that might be on the other side if they do not give up. Since that day in 2008 I have archived a lot, I have since graduated from university and bought my own house. After my failed attempt I had two choices, try again or face my fears and I faced my fears and thanks be to God I am here to the story.

I was in very difficult circumstances at the time but I made a decision to stand  up and face them. As we start the new year I would like to encourage you to face the difficult circumstances. Don’t do what a lot of people do. A lot of people try to run away from them. The truth if you do not deal with the things that are troubling you they will always be there and you will not be successful.  Say  that I believe and declare that I have got greatness within me and I can do anything my talent allows me to do.  That day in 2008 I said, I gave away my power but I am not going t do that anymore. Its your life and you are responsible with what results you get. You might have gone through terrible things in the past and you feel like you will not achieve anything in life. However you were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with a seeds of greatness

If you want to change your life you have to change your attitude,  you have to take total responsibility of what you have achieved so far. As long as you blame it on other people you will not transform your life. If you blame other people or an illness for failed exams you will not work harder next time. However if you say I could have worked harder and should work harder next time your results will change, your attitude towards work or studies will change, you will put more effort into everything you do. This is because you are empowering yourself, you are saying that no matter how bad things get you are the only person who will make you fail or succeed. A lot of people look around them to find something or someone to blame for their failures. As long as you go round trying to find other people to blame you will never change your attitude. If your attitude is the same and you  have a poor attitude then say hello to the world of mediocrity for the rest of your life.12400572_1010732775650412_6462806525602093407_n

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