If you do not programme yourself life will programme you!

In the last forty-eight hours the rugby world ws rocked by the death of the great Jonah Lomu who lost is lie at a very young age of 40. Again we were reminded that life can be short and unpredictable, you here today and tomorrow you are gone. So why do a lot of people live their lives like they have a million years to live. Jonah Lomu did not live a long life but he made an impact in his short life here on earth. From very humble beginning he rose to global phenomenon in the 19995 rugby world cup. He will forever be remembered as a true legend of the game ad also a great example that says you do not have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great. He Lived up to 40 years only but in his short time he has done more things than some people who will live to their 90s will ever do. We as human beings we do so little to manifest our greatness. So what would you like your life to look like next year . What is that thing you have meaning to start in the last five years which you have been putting off for one reason or the other. You should make a decision to start living your now, do not wait for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. Its time you stop holding on to your greatness but unleash to the world to see. You have greatness within you and you were born to win.

11951868_697933613669851_3427312940949757736_nA lot of people are unhappy in their lives because they have not got the courage to go after the things that they want in a life, they find excuses of why they are not successful or why they cannot be succeed. What we do not realise is having excuses is an argument for our limitations and if we are ague for our limitations, we will never grow to become what we ought to be. So many people go through life just being wondering generality, they walk around with no purpose and do not accomplish anything meaningful in life. Stop blaming circumstances because the people who go places in life look for the circumstances that they want and if they cannot find them they create them, Greatness is in all of us but only a few men and women have chosen to manifest it. Hence  very few people are successful and a lot are not. Stop looking at has happened to you in the past and focus on the opportunities in front of you.

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