Only you can change your life

I have worked with different type of people in my short working career but already i have noticed what makes successful people and what make failures in life. As i have said before i believe that we are all born to win. The people that make it in life are the people who have a clear defined goal that they are aiming for. If you have a goal in  life you will be able achieve anything that you want to achieve. However so many people  have no goals, they  have no direction. Life is hard, easy is not an option and if you want to make your life a success you have to set a worthy and defined goal and work on it like your life depends on it, why? because it does. I have noticed that people who go places in life are always talking about ideas and plans they have for the future and people who do not go places in life are always talking about people. They look at people who are doing worse than they are so that they can feel happy. You are better than that, you were born to win. Big minds talk ideas and small minds discuss other people. You have to have a goal because you can not make it as a wondering generality, you have to become a meaningful specific. No one will set goals for you, you have to do it all. You are the master of own Destiney. It not what happens to you, its all about how you respond to what happens to you.10995619_655266994603180_5578574025114662613_n

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