Its Not over until you win

So many people have given up on their dreams, they are doing jobs they do not enjoy. They wish they could be doing something else but they have convinced themselves that they are not good enough. Tomorrow afternoon the two giants of world rugby will go head to head in the rugby world cup final. However for me the story is about the welsh guy with the whistle. Nigel Owens came close to taking is on life because he was struggling with addiction and his sexuality. He has  entertained millions of rugby funs around the world with his brilliant one liners. Can you imagine if he wasn’t  here anymore? the world would have lost a brilliant man. However how many people out there are not living at all, they have given up on their dreams all together. At some point in our life we will have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death. However you have two choices keep moving and reach your own final or stay there and amount to nothing and be forgetting by the world. This generation will never forget the sarcastic ref from Wales. Some of you will probably not be were Nigel was so what is stopping you doing what you were born to do. Listening to him speak about how a teacher told him to go and ref someone after a bad kick and him saying so i did showed so much strength and courage. Life is hard, easy is not option and all you have to do is keep moving forward and become what you want to be. don’t take your brilliance and your greatness with you,  you were born to win like Nigel Owens. He has shown that if you keep believing and working hard your dream is possible. Man was designed accomplishment, he is engineered for success and he is endowed with the seeds of greatness. Do not stop because you are tired, stop whe you are done because it is not over until you winNO

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