Commitment is the biggest confidence Builder

I am very sure we have all at one point in our life made a new year’s resolution and broke it the very next day. A few years ago I saw a group of four women running past my house on the 1st January and I thought to myself New Year’s resolutions! A few days later the number was three and the next week the number was two and a month later the number was one and it has been one since then. Talking to the one person who has continued running, the aim of the run was to lose weight. She is the only one in the group who has managed to achieve what everyone in the group wanted to achieve. What was interesting to me was that the woman who managed to achieve the goals that the group set was a woman who never did in sports in her school days.
Have you been trying to change your life, have you started a new exercise resume and stopped after a few days? Have you started a new online course and stopped after a few weeks? Have you started that book stopped half way through? Stopping all the time is the quickest road to failure. The biggest thing that happens when you stop all the time is you lose confidence in yourself and your ability. The more you do something the better you become and the better you become the more confidence you get. Do not count the days you do something just make sure you make everyday to count.

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