What we can learn from sports fans about life

I have spent the majority of today watching sports because it has been finals day. As I am writing this blog the UEFA champions’ league final between Real Madrid and Liverpool has just reached half time. I was watching the final of the rugby earlier and after the game had finished I told my wife that half the fans of the losing team are going to be at their club’s ticket office to buy season tickets in readiness for next season by Tuesday. The fans would have been disappointed with the result today but they know they can’t change today’s results but they just have to look forward to next season.
By the time the day ends today I would have watched three finals involving six teams with only three winners. The teams that will not do well this year have got a chance to be in the final and win next year if they perform to the same standards. Have you had a bad week or bad month? I suggest that you adopt the spirit of a sports fan who will travel miles to watch their team play even after watching them suffer a very heavy defeat the previous week. My life changed when I failed my high school exams but made a decision to start over again, your life will change when you decide to get up and go again. Failure is not a person; it is an event that that can be changed.

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