Everyone wants to feel Important

In 2014 I started a new job and I was really looking forward to it because I had previously worked in that organisation in another department and I had great time. I posted on Facebook on how great I felt to be back working in the organisation because the previous time was very short and successful. However the second spell was not a happy one to start off with, I was paired with an experienced employee who did not show me the work that was been done. After a month in the job, I became very disillusioned with the job, every day was a struggle and I started looking for other jobs. A few months later she made a decision to leave, it wasn’t until three months later that it dawned on me that she did not like because I made feel less important that she was before I joined. She was a very presentable lady and I am very presentable, people always to talked about how smartly dressed she was, now people were talking about how smartly dressed I was. People used to talk about her all the time but now they were talking about me and she just felt a little less important than before. I thought she did not like me but looking back I now I think I made feel not so important.
Do you make all the people in your life feel important, wanted and appreciated, we can’t go a day without food but some people out their go decades without a feeling of importance. Next time you have a disagreement with anyone look for the things that make them important. What I have discovered is that some people feel important when they are the only people who know something, some people feel important when they contribute and some people feel important if they are in charge of everything that is going on. Your life will be more peaceful if you let people feel they are important. If you are working with someone ask yourself this question, what make you feel important and what makes them feel important

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