The Importance of taking responsibility

It was not me! it was my wife he said, it was not me it was my husband! She said. For 20 years these two people told everyone in their life that the other person was responsible for the breakup of their marriage. These two people spent a lot of their lives telling everyone that the other person was responsible for what went wrong in their marriage and no one was willing to take responsibility for the state of their marriage so in the end the marriage broke up. Fast forward 20 years later, the couple are now order and wiser and this time they are not arguing about who was right and who was wrong but they are both acknowledging that they had a part to play in the breakup of their marriage. After 20 years these two people are back together and enjoying a great life only because they stopped looking at what the other person was doing wrong and focused on the things that would improve their relationship. Ben and Angela are married again after 20 years apart because they decided to take responsibility for the state of their relationship.
How many time have you heard someone say, it was my husband, it was my up brining, I did not have enough money? Only a few years ago i was one of these people, I would blame everything on my upbringing and the fact that I was bullied throughout school. A lot of the times I did this to win sympathy from other people but it never gave me the life that I wanted. It is a lot easier to blame your boss, core worker and everyone else when things are going wrong in your life, however the most powerful action is to take responsibility. When you take responsibility you will then start doing something to change the situation, you will tell yourself that you are the only person who can change your situation. You can change today by taking full responsibility of the state of your life

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