You will never be motivated to do anything without having a goal

My book Arise and Shine chronicles my six years journey from a high school failure to a university, the journey which began on the day that I failed my high school exams. I think I struggled in school because I did not have a destination that required me to do more than I was, From time to time I was able to come up with some will power to do more but this always disappeared as quickly as it came to me, even though I failed my exams you could not fault me for effort, I tried the best I could to turn things around but I did not have a direction at all. However the day I set a goal to go to university everything seemed a lot easier, if I needed to spend nine hours that day to understand something, I found the motivation to spend nine hour doing what needed to be done.
A lot of people teach that motivation is the only thing that will change your life hence a lot of people go out in search of motivation. Motivation only comes once you make a decision of where you want to go in your life. Set an empowering goal and motivation will follow suit.

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