I could have had a piece of cake but I only had the crumbs

It was 2002 and I was at Buteko Basic School, this was one of my good years in primary school but it still had its bad days. A group of boys had decided to make my life difficult, they always managed to do or say something that made me feel very small. When I was in school parents who could afford would bake or buy a cake for their child to take to school n their birthday, I remember an occasion when one of our class mates brought in some cake on her birthday to share with everyone and I was not able to have a proper piece because of the people who were always laughing at me. I remember one of the boys saying “Look at him, he will probably have the biggest piece” I heard this and I decided I was only going to have the crumbs to stop the two boys from laughing at me. Whilst everyone enjoyed a lovely piece of cake, I only had the crumbs of a lovely piece of cake.

Frank Saliki

Frank Saliki in 2015

I have always thought about this experience quite a lot, I have always said that if I could turn back the time I could have the biggest piece of the lot. This brings up another question for me, how many people out there have decided to have the crumbs of the good life instead of a good life? I know a lot of people with big dreams but they are scared of making the leap into the unknown so they settle for jobs that do not give them satisfaction, they sing the thank god is Friday song every week only because they have decided not to have a proper piece of life. So many people are afraid of going for the good life because of what other people may think or say to them. The truth is that we don’t fail in life because we set our bars to high and miss; we fail in life because we set our bars too low and hit.

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