If it is broken, fix it

A few days ago a new NEXT store opened near my house and I along with a lot of other people went along to see how the new store looks like. I picked a pair of trousers that i liked and went to try them on. As I got to the fitting rooms I looked at them and thought these trousers have been labelled wrong, so I tried them on just to confirm what I was thinking. I went back to the shop floor and I told a member of staff these trousers are not labelled right. I went to look at other trousers and as I was looking around, I realised that when I told the member of staff about the faulty labelling on the trousers they did not put them away but theyjust took them back where I got them from. I had to take them back and give them to a person I thought was a manager and they took the trousers away.
I was surprised that this member staff took these trousers despite me telling them that they were faulty and I as I walked out of the store I realised that I have met a lot of people who treat life this way. They see something that is not working in their life and they don’t do anything to change it. If what you are doing today is not serving you well don’t do it tomorrow. However a lot of people do the same things expecting a different outcome. Is there any area of your life that you really need to work op=n if you are to transform your life for the better? As long as you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting.

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