You will never be successful until you have the right team around you

He was one my first regular coaching clients, he walked into the coffee shop we usually meet in, he sat down and said “ I feel like giving up because my friends do not support my new dreams”. I was a little disappointed with this because I thought we had made a lot of progress the previous week. However i did not let the disappointment get the better of me so like a good coach I asked a few more questions. I asked him if his friends had set goals for the future and his response was no. I then asked him if he expected happy go lucky people to be supportive towards his dream? For the first time that day he looked in eyes and I could see a knew sparkle and he said “I need my dream team”
When I made a decision to become a motivational speaker I did not do what a lot of people do when they have an idea, run and tell everyone. I learnt from the time I set a goal to go to university that not everyone will support you or believe you can achieve your new goal. The key to getting the support you need on your journey is to find people who are doing what you want to be doing. Whenever I have spoken to people without a clear direction in their life about my motivation speaking, they have always had something negative to say. However people who are growing everyday will talk to me for hours. They learn a lot from me and vice versa. Have you got a dream to change your life? Then my friend, you need to gather a team who will support you and who you can learn from, get yourself a DREAM TEAMFrank

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