Stop fighting other people’s battles

A few years ago I was working with someone was very difficult to work to get on with. This person would come in and would not talk to anyone in the department and you know what I did? I did not speak to her either. I would say things like if she won’t speak to me I won’t speak to her either. The days were long, the performance in our department was poor, people did not like coming up to us because there was always something going on. She would go and tell other people about me and I would go and tell other people about her. This carried on until our manager was able to move her. She was moved to do something else I felt like I had won. It dawned on me the other day that I had won nothing, in fact I had lost that battle, why? Look at it this way. this woman was nearly sixty years old, she was fighting a lot of things in her life like her own insecurities. The battle was not mine it was hers, the burdens she was carrying were not mine, they were hers but I took them own and I was miserable for weeks.
A lot of time I see people who are carrying other people’s burdens; the truth is that people who do not have love in their hearts will never radiate love. You have to make a decision on how you are going to respond to negative people at all times. Sometimes we expect so much from other people and if those expectations are not met we become a little disillusioned. Do you work with someone you are not able to get on with no matter how much you try, the fight is not yours, do not go homer talking about them just remember the fight is not yours. Work on developing yourself, fight the battles you need to fight in order to get what you want but remember don’t fight other people’s battles.

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