Stop snoozing all over your dream

You know those days you get inspirational to change your life, you sit there and say to yourself that tomorrow is the day that I will begin to change my life, I will get up early and go for a run around the block, I will then come back home and read or listen to something inspirational. I will then have some healthy breakfast and I will leave home on time and I will not be rushing anywhere. The next morning that alarm clock goes off and what is the first thing you do? Yes you guessed it, press the snooze button and go back to bed. You then press the snooze button several more times until you have to get out of bed and you repeat what you have always done over the years, rush to the bathroom, have chocolate cake for breakfast because the only thing you csn eat quickly and rush to work.
Apart from the snooze button there are a lot of other things that a lot of people do to snooze their dreams, some people go home after work with the intention of working on their passion but when they go home they end up watching a few box sets of their favourite TV show. They do what a person who snoozes their alarm does every morning does, they say they will work on their dreams tomorrow but they repeat this everyday. Have you always had a dream to do more things with your life but you keep putting off? Are you waiting for the right time? If you wait for a right time you will never live your dream. For a lot of people the snooze button is deeply in grained in them, there is nothing out there that is stopping them but themselves. Is there something that you would love to be doing everyday of your life but you are not? What are you doing each and everyday that is stopping you from having that life and what do you need to start doing now if you want to achieve your dreams.

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