Too Busy to make Progress

FrankA few years ago I was working in a very busy outpatients department and the one thing I remember is that I did not have a day were I was clock watching because it was just very busy. I would arrive at reception at 8:30am and before I even turned my computer on I had doctors asking me for all kind of printed lists and before long the patients were queuing up and the day of dealing with query after query and complaint after complaint began. I felt like I did not have enough time to do all I need to do so I went in on weekends on my own time to finish off some of the work that was not done in the week. I worked all the hours under the sun but I always felt like I was not making any progress in the job, in myself and as a department as whole. I worked in that department for a year but after I left I did not feel a change in me, I did not feel like I had made any progress. After a year of hard work all I had to show for it was lack of confidence and bad health.
American Author and Life Coach Tony Robbins always says that “Progress equals happiness”. Despite the fact that I was working long hours and sometimes through the weekend I was not making any progress hence I was not feeling great about myself. A lot of people are very busy doing all they can do to live but they do not realise that they are not making any progress until it’s too late. A lot of people live and work like they will never die and they die like they never lived. This should have been my most successful year but it was not because I did not look at how I can make progress instead I focused on getting the tasks done. Success is not what you get, success is what you become.
Are you tired of going through day after day without making any progress here is what you need to do to make progress in your life. The first thing you need to do is have a goal of what you want you want to achieve. I went to work not having an end goal in mind. Write down the goal you want to achieve that particular day and access it at the end of the day. Don’t count how many things you have done that day count how much you have grown, you can do this by writing down anything of Value that you might have learnt that day. It how many things you are doing that counts, its how many tings are making you grow as a human being.

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