Knowledge Is Not Power

A Few months ago I was talking to a very knowledgeable pensioner. He had insights in a lot of industries and businesses. He told me how to run a successful business and how to lead a happy and successful life. I went home really puzzled to why a very knowledgeable person can be so unsuccessful and unfulfilled, then it hit me, what you know doesn’t make you successful, what you do with what you know makes you successful, You can change any area of your life by taking action on what you know. The order I get the more I realise that successful people are not at the top of their industry because they know more than the rest, they are on top because they take more action than everyone else. A lot of Managers know that if you treat the employees’ right they will stay in the organisation and they will give more. A recent study by the CIPD found that 5 out of 10 employees leave their job because of the person who is directly managing them. This brings me back to the original question, is Knowledge really power? The answer is no, knowledge is penitential power which only becomes powerful once you take action.

A lot of people want to do great things in their life and they know how to do it but they are not doing it. Before you read the next self help book on your list put what you have learnt into practice today. Do not wait for tomorrow, stop gathering knowledge without using it, use what you learn to your advantage. Knowledge acted upon is always going to be powerful. Think of the book you have recently read and think about one thing you can do right now they will help you to changing your life. If you have read a book about making decisions make one decision today.

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