Learn from your mistakes

I had a phone call from a prospective client and arranged to meet him for coffee. We met up the next day and we discussed what he wanted from the caching session. I thought he was a very motivated Young man who was serious about changing his fortunes. However, a few weeks later he realised that most of struggles in work was because of attitude. The next day he phoned me and was downhearted about the situation, I told him that this was good thing because he could change. After talking to him I had a feeling that I will never hear from him again. I thought he was doing so well so I tried to get in touch as friend and I had no reply so I let it go and hoped that this young man will learn sooner rather later what is holding back.
It is a lot easier to point out other people’s flows but when other people point our flows, we run a mile. In the example above I did not point my clients flows I just helped him find them so that he can change his life for the better. We someone points out a flow in our character. The truth some people could be enjoying their lives today if only they could learn from their mistakes. Running away from mistakes will only take you away from the life want. My advice is that when it comes to this subject is mistakes ask yourself:
• What sort of job would you be doing if you learnt from your mistakes?
• Where would you be living if you learnt from your mistakes?
• How good would your marriage be if you learn from mistakes?
• Where would life be in five years’ time if you learn from your mistakes?Frank

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