Opportunity Never knocks, you have to keep the door open to it.

A young man left college and embarked on a new journey; he was working at a a garage repairing cars. He had always wanted to be a mechanic so he went to talk to one of the mechanics and this man had a lot of enthusiasm to help young people. He was told to come in two hours before he is supposed to start so that he can learn all about being a mechanic. The following day he was in 6am to learn about being a mechanic and so he did for next two weeks, however in the third week he did not turn up for the whole week. The following week the mechanic saw him doing his job and asked him why he did not turn up and told him that he was not a morning person can they do training in the evening to which the mechanic said it was not possible, this was the end of the young man’s training as a mechanic. Fast forward 20 years later, he is doing a job he does not like and looks back with the knowledge that he closed the door to opportunity.
This is a story of so many people, they go through life saying that they have not had opportunities in their life but the truth is that a lot of people spend all their life closing doors to opportunities. Some opportunities are given to us by others and some opportunities we create ourselves. Just like the young man mentioned above we come up with excuses of why something cannot be done or why we can not do something. When we do this we are closing the door to the door to the great opportunities. If you want to leave your dream:
• Stop saying you have not got time, find the time
• Never leave a place of setting a goal without doing anything that commits you to it
• If anyone wants to help you make sure you are flexible with timeFrank

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